Adventure Sessions

July 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Fist of all-  This is the first session I am introducing as being shot as a team by my sister Laura Fafard and I!  Laura is a fantastic photographer and is going to begin shooting her own sessions for Brianne Heiner Photgraphy in a few months. I am so excited for this! I know she will bring an inspiring passion to capture emotion, movement, and joy in her sessions.  

My favorite thing to photograph is my children exploring!  I don't know about your kids....but if you put my kids in a field they will have a hay day! Picking flowers, finding bugs, pretending the shelter of trees is an enchanted tent...  

Big changes are happening with my business.  I want to focus more on photography with depth and emotion.  I want to photograph things that matter. Remembering your children playing matters.  Recalling their free spirits and rich imaginations matter. 

The pictures below are only very lightly directed.  They led the way and we followed.

ADVENTURE SESSIONS- introductory price- $350 plus tax  (Can be done with just children or include parents as well)



Gracie + Zack engagements

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I'm so excited for these two and their wedding coming up!  It is for sure going to be the perfect country affair.  I love that they both came dressed up in ways that showed who they are.  Their styles went together flawlessly!  At the end of the shoot it started POURING on us!  So, of course we got some romantic kissing in the rain shots!  And hair!?  My husband doesn't have red hair, but he has 2 brothers that do.  I was HOPING AND PRAYING that at least one of my children would end up with red hair.....alas..... maybe I should try to dye my hair red?  I've done it before and it looked pretty dope.  haha....I just said dope......    Hair and make-up by @taliawhatcottmua

Rachel and Eric Engagements

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     Want to know how to have perfect engagements!?  Be like these guys -RELAX AND HAVE FUN! There are other things you can do as well of course, but this is the most important factor!  They were so great at just being together, trusting me, and playing!  My favorite kind of session.  When you let your guard down, your shoot will really show who you are as a couple.  And these 2 are bubbly, playful....and obviously soul mates.


Clara + Eric Engagements

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I sit here in my bed surrounded in pillows.  One under my back, one under my legs, a few behind my head...because I am extremely uncomfortable!  I am 7 months pregnant with my 4th child and this is by far the hardest pregnancy I have had.  I don't know how I am going to make the next 2 1/2 months without drowning in my own tears.  Mostly due to rib and sciatic pain...not so much emotions....I feel pretty happy! But sometimes the discomfort and pain makes forget that ;)  Maybe I am a wimp because I usually have fairly easy pregnancies...but, not gunna lie.  This one sucks.  On the bright side....I am SOOOOO excited to meet our new little one!  We decided not to find out the gender so I am on pins a needles for the big day to come! 

I have my last session of the year this week, so for the next 5 months that I will be taking off I will be focusing on getting caught up on the INSANE amount of blogging I should be doing all along!

This is Clara and Eric!  I did their engagements about a year and a half ago in spring 2015.  They were so cute and in love.  I saw them a few months ago again at a wedding I was shooting.  It is always fun to see people again!


The Hemming Family

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This session was last summer and, you know me, I am just now getting around to blogging it!  This sweet family lives in my neighborhood. Now they are expecting another baby girl!  

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